We repair and service trucks


Full service and repair of trucks and commercial vehicles

Repair and comprehensive maintenance of tractors and semi-trailers, cargo minibuses and passenger cars of various brands.


Only agreed repairs with the possibility of providing your own spare parts

You will also be informed about possible shortcomings that will need to be addressed in the near future.


For you, as a client, the main thing is to find a common language with auto service mechanics

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We offer maintenance, diagnostics, repair and periodic inspection services for trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles of all brands. We guarantee effective troubleshooting using the latest universal diagnostic equipment. We carry out maintenance and repair in strict accordance with manufacturer’s regulations and technical documentation. The quality of our services is guaranteed by a highly qualified team of auto mechanics who regularly undergo training.

Special offer

All companies operating in Częstochowa in the field of transport, our cargo car service offers especially favorable conditions, you be able to maintain and repair your trucks and semi-trailers with big discounts. Waiting for regular customers individual approach and especially attractive prices for all types of services.

Truck brands

which we serve

Our services

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Post-warranty service
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Repair of engines and equipment
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Chassis and suspension repair
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Pneumatic system repair
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Brake system
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Repair of autonomous heaters
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Spare parts for tractors
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Particulate filter (DPF) cleaning
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Telematics installation
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Tire fitting for trucks

Tire fitting for trucks is an integral part of the maintenance of the fleet of any transport company. If you are looking for a reliable partner for tire fitting, then Magistral Truck Service is ready to provide you with quality services.
Our company specializes in the repair and maintenance of trucks and cars. We guarantee the performance of work in accordance with high quality standards. We work with a wide range of tires and wheels from different manufacturers, which allows us to find the best solution for each client.
We use modern equipment and professional tools to ensure the safety and efficiency of tire work. Our specialists have extensive experience in working with trucks and guarantee high-quality and fast service.
We offer a wide range of tire fitting services including wheel balancing, new tire and rim installation, tire repair and more. Our company also provides a guarantee for all work performed.
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Tire brands

for trucks, buses, trailers that are in stock:

Spare parts order

Our company cooperates with leading manufacturers of spare parts, which allows us to provide our customers with only high-quality and reliable spare parts for vehicles. We also offer competitive prices for all of our spare parts.

In our assortment you will find spare parts for various makes and models of cars, as well as for various vehicle systems, including engine, transmission, suspension and brake system.

Service 24

How to solve the problem if a tractor or trailer breaks down in a foreign country? In a foreign country, especially without knowing the language, it is not an easy task to quickly find a service station that specializes in repairing tractors or trailers of the brand you need.
But we can help you!
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Buying and selling


Purchase of trucks

and trailers with mileage


and truck financing

The company “MAGISTRAL TRUCK” offers a program for the purchase of trucks: truck tractors, trucks, trailers, special equipment. You do not need to spend time searching for a buyer, troubleshooting, or carry out pre-sale preparation of the equipment you sell. By selling trucks, you make a good deal, the price is formed on based on the cost of similar models and brands.

3 stages of buying equipment


We will evaluate the equipment in 1 hour


We sign an agreement


you get money

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